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SwiftWave : Your self-hosted lightweight PaaS solution

For Whom ?

🎓 Student

Deploy your project and bring your side hustle to life in an instant.
✅ No Linux knowledge required.
✅ No Networking knowledge required.
✅ No Time wasted.

👷‍♂️ Builder

Whether you're building on weekends, participating in hackathons, or conducting experiments, Swiftwave has you covered. Deploying takes just 5 minutes.

🏢 Small Business

Launch your product, host a couple of applications, and minimize cloud expenses. Swiftwave lets you host your applications without the need for a dedicated devops team.

Why Swiftwave ?

😂 Another Orchestrator ? No of-course 🫡

🎈 Lightweight

SwiftWave has very low memory footprint. If you have a tiny server (1GB Ram 1vCPU), you can still run SwiftWave with 2~3 applications.

SwiftWave + HaProxy + Local Postgres = ~250MB

If you can use any remote postgresql server, you can run more applications.

🔋 Batteries Included

➡️ Dockerfile Generation Support
➡️ Custom Domain Support
➡️ Auto SSL Certificate Generation (Through Let's Encrypt)
➡️ Private Git & OCI Registry Support
➡️ Persistent Storage
➡️ Webhook Based Continuous Deployment

📈 Scalable

SwiftWave is designed to be scalable as well as lightweight. It's possible due to it's separate working architecture.
➡️ Standalone : Suitable for installation on a single server.
➡️ Cluster : Suitable for high traffic applications in a multi-server environment. [Experimental]

We ❤️ Open Source

We want to make SwiftWave better day by day