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🌟 Introduction

🌊 SwiftWave: Your Hassle-Free PaaS Solution

SwiftWave is a self-hosted, lightweight PaaS solution designed to effortlessly deploy and manage your applications on any VPS 🚀. With SwiftWave, simplicity is key - just give it a command, and it takes care of the rest for you! 👀

Built on robust foundations:

  • 🐳 Docker Swarm: Ensuring seamless container orchestration.
  • 🔄 HaProxy: Providing reliable and flexible load balancing.
  • 🔐 Let's Encrypt: Securing your applications with automatic SSL certificates.

Experience the ease of deployment and management with SwiftWave! 🌊

🏰 System Architecture Overview


🚀 Deployment Options

  • Source Freedom: Deploy your app from any git source (Github, Gitlab, etc.) 🌐 (Supports public and private repositories)
  • Container Convenience: Deploy from any Docker image registry (Docker Hub, Github Container Registry, etc.) 🐳 (Supports public and private repositories)
  • No Repo, No Problem: Upload source code directly from your computer 🖥️

⚙️ Application Management

  • Effortless Updates: Update your application seamlessly with one click, no downtime ⏫
  • Version Control: Rollback to any previous version effortlessly with one click ⬅️
  • Flexible Restart: Restart your application at your convenience 🔄
  • Scaling Made Easy: Scale your application effortlessly with just one click 🔍
  • Log Insight: Easily check logs for your application 📋
  • Backup & Restore: Backup and restore your application with just one click 🔄

🛣️ Traffic Control

  • Custom Domains: Add custom domains and auto-issue SSL certificates with just one click 🔒
  • Traffic Routing: Effortlessly route traffic to your application 🚦
  • Redirect Magic: Redirect a domain to another URL if needed ↩