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🖥️ SwiftWave Dashboard

SwiftWave Dashboard

SwiftWave Dashboard is a web-based interface to manage your applications, domains and all. It's the main management interface for SwiftWave.

📌 Note: SwiftWave Dashboard comes pre-bundled with SwiftWave. You don't need to install it separately.

Sections of Dashboard

🔒 Log InLog in to SwiftWave DashboardClick Here
🔨 Deploy New ApplicationDeploy new application on your serverClick Here
📦 ApplicationsList of all applications deployed on your server & manage themClick Here
📦 Persistent VolumesList of all persistent volumes created on your server & manage themClick Here
🐙 Git CredentialsManage git credentials for your applicationsClick Here
🐳 Image CredentialsManage docker image credentials for your applicationsClick Here
🌐 DomainsManage custom domains, SSL for your applicationsClick Here
🚪 Ingress RulesManage exposed domains and routes for your applicationsClick Here
🔄 Redirect RulesManage domain redirection and HTTPS redirection for your applicationsClick Here
👥 Manage UsersManage admin users for your hosted SwiftWave instanceClick Here
🔒 Change PasswordChange password for currently logged In userClick Here